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A real social and environmental commitment
Eden Gardens' chosen charities
Other community alliances
Sowing the seeds early
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A real social and environmental commitment

Here at Eden we pride ourselves on our genuine commitment to both social and environmental causes with a mission to improve the quality of life in the wider community through horticulture and education. We invite other organisations to implement our programs and also many features of the Eden Gardens flagship store, which was designed to environmental specifications outside standard requirements, including:

  • Reducing electricity needs
  • Recycling and harvesting water
  • Using solar power to heat water
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Using natural lighting and air flow to light and cool the building

Staff at Eden are passionate about the environment and continually strive to reduce the environmental impact of the business, both macro and micro.

Eden Gardens is actively involved in the community and encourages members of the public staff and suppliers to join in our endeavours. We hold four fundraising morning teas every year to support our chosen charities and these are run with the help of 20 local community volunteers. Contact us if you would like to become an Eden Volunteer or for more information.


Eden Gardens North Ryde’s chosen charities

Youth Off The Streets

Father Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Streets

Through traineeships, excursions, work experience and fund raising events, Eden Gardens works with Youth Off The Streets to support disconnected youth as they turn their lives around.

Cancer Council NSW

Cancer Council NSW

As Eden is all about outdoor living, we promote sun awareness and cancer prevention through education, fundraising events and remembrance functions in support of Cancer Council NSW.

Eden Gardens is also home to the Daffodil Garden a place of remembrance for those who have been touched by cancer and honours those who support Cancer Council NSW.


Eden Gardens Carseldine's chosen charities

   The Salvation Army - Youth Outreach Service                                 

Youth Outreach Service

Eden Gardens Carseldine works with Youth Outreach Services (YOS) of the Salvation Army, in Brisbane, to support young people who are “at risk” of homelessness or are homeless and/ or in need of support.

Through donations of plants, advice on gardening, planned excursions, work experience, traineeships and fundraising events we support these young people as they work to turn their lives around.


Eden Gardens Mt Eliza's chosen charities



Eden Gardens works with Whitelion in Victoria to support young people who are involved in the youth justice and child protection systems or who are at-risk of involvement. Through excursions, work experience, employment and fundraising events Eden's support to these young people as they work to turn their lives around and we encourage other businesses to become involved in this worthwhile program.


 Cancer Council

Cancer Council Victoria

Eden Gardens, in collaboration with Cancer Council Victoria, are working to promote Sunsmart awareness, healthy lifestyles and cancer prevention through community education.  
Through fundraising and remembrance functions, we are engaging the community and proudly supporting the work of Cancer Council Victoria, with funds being directed towards support services, education programs and research.  Approximately a hundred daffodil bulbs were planted in our memorial garden this year in memory of people who have been touched by cancer. Each year we will host 2 community teas to raise funds for Cancer Council Victoria and encourage our customers and suppliers to support these events.


Other community alliances

       Botanic Gardens Trust

Botanic Gardens Trust

Eden Education is an Eden Gardens initiative with participation from the Botanic Gardens Trust. Together we provide the opportunity for people of all ages to learn new skills through practical workshops, courses and talks on a variety of subjects including gardening, art and sustainability.

Take part in the Biodiversity Dinner Debate - This event is a partnership between the Botanic Gardens Trust and the Australian Museum, and is a first in a dynamic year-long program of celebrations honouring the International Year of Biodiversity in 2010. Read more...

Community Greening


Community Greening

Eden Gardens supports Community Greening, an initiative of the Botanic Gardens Trust and NSW Department of Housing, by regularly providing plants and materials for communal gardening projects within disadvantaged communities. Through annual donations of plants and products worth $40,000 Eden helps support over 203 Community Gardens throughout the state.

Since 2011 the Eden Foundation committed to an additional annual $100,000 for 5 years to support Youth Community Greening, an off-shoot of Community Greening. Through this program Eden has helped established more than 120 school and community garden projects and reached more than 21,000 individuals living in communities in need.

 Asthma foundation

The Asthma Foundation NSW

The Asthma and Allergy Friendly Garden at Eden Gardens has been created in conjunction with The Asthma Foundation NSW, to inform, educate and support people living with these conditions and to help them enjoy the wonderful benefits of gardening.
Open 'Asthma & Allergy Friendly Gardens' brochure...

Easy Care Gardening

Easy Care Gardening

Eden Gardens supports this local volunteer gardening service which helps elderly and disadvantaged people remain independent and stay in their homes longer.

youth connections

Youth Connections

Eden Gardens provides work placement opportunities in hospitality and horticulture for young people through Youth Connections, who have the mission of 'Turning Education into Jobs!'. They do this by supporting young people aged 13-19 across Sydney and the Central Coast to access employment, education, training and recreational opportunities so they can reach their full potential.

Sowing the seeds early

Eden Gardens works directly with TAFE NSW, local universities and councils to educate and facilitate community activities. We also support selected local schools and preschools with their fund raising events. All these activities help to encourage the next generation of gardeners and plant lovers.

Eden Gardens for a strong nursery and gardening industry

Our community includes the industry we work within. Eden Gardens supports events and initiatives which help strengthen and improve the retail garden lifestyle sector.


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