People & Culture

Our Position

Our position is to inspire people with a cornucopia of ideas. To lead a customer experience journey which is a spectacular and stylish, theatrical and engaging, a discovery of plants and the power that they have to enrich customer’s lives.

Eden wants to show products and services that are of striking quality and value, and present an inspiring assortment that will be differentiated and embody all that plants have to offer.

Our customer service will show it is all about the welcome! It is about people attending to people, personable and unreserved in delivering customer satisfaction that will lead to lifetime customer value.

Our team enthusiastically represent our brand and are challenged  to deliver upon our business goals and the holistic meaning of plants within and beyond their roles.

 Who we are 

Our team are down to earth friendly people with a passion for plants, the enviroment, good health, good living and wellbeing. We share the vision of 'enriching people lives with plants' and realise this vision through our values and developing our team culture.

 Our Vision 

Our vision is to enrich peoples lives with plants.

Our Culture

Our culture embodies the Eden brand and our devotion to service and delighting customers. Our culture leads, shows, shares and cares in enriching people’s lives with plants.

Our Personality

Our personality is welcoming and exciting, stylish and distinctive, innovative and interesting, professional and competent.

Our values are built on Leading, Showing, Sharing and Caring


Our people lead by example, act in friendly ways, get involved and think customer service at all times.


We find practical solutions, inspire daily and strive for constant business and self improvement decisions.


We strive to communicate, to work together, to be resourceful and to  practice sustainable living.


We are always personable, we respect each other and community, we act charitably and maintain personal health and balance.