Our Supplier stories

There is allways a great story behind the journey people take to get to where they are today, Eden Gardens is no different. Below is a collection of some of the great stories about our suppliers and they journeys they have taken to partner with Eden today.  



The Plant Hunter - Don Teese

Do you long for something special to make your garden unique? Perhaps you’re sick of the same old “same old” and wanted to add a wonderful feature plant that you know will make your garden stand out from the crowd.

If this sounds like you, then you’ll want to know about Don, one of Eden’s specialty growers.  He operates out of the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria where the wonderful soil and high rainfall make growing his own “Garden of Eden” possible.

He is sharing some of his rarities with our customers, to help them create an exclusive paradise of their own.

Tip: Our Rare and Unusual Range is easily identified by a banner in the nursery...more


The Geranium Man

Eden’s ‘Plant of the Week’ , Geraniums, are known not only for their heat and drought telerance, but also for fragrant flowers and foliage.  Geraniums conjure up images of terracotta pots crammed with colour and brightening up balconies by the Mediterranian sea.  They love the sun and respond well to regular does of liquid fertilser, flowering for many months.  Most have fragrant foliage, and some especially so; look out in the herb section for apple, mint, and lemon scented types. They are perfectly suited to todays gardening trends with “instant colour” and potted gardens right on trend....more



 David Barker – Combined Nursery Sales

Gardenias, murrayas, lilly pillies, Chinese Star Jasmine, PIttosporum and lavender are some of the mainstays of many peoples planting palettes.  The quality of your plants going into your garden will effect their growing ability later, meaning the best quality hedges, living walls and pot plants later.  For this reason, Eden takes pride is stocking quality plants that are grown buy quality growers and will get the best results for you at home.  David Baker has made this mission his life’s work.

Tip: Prune, prune, prune, says David.  Everything in his growing beds are pruned at least twice a year to develop bush, compact growth... more


David Mathews: Proteaflora

The modern, contemporary garden needs to be hardy, have a long flowering period, and tread lightly on the earth without the need of copious amounts of water or dangerous pesticides.  Proteas, Leucadendrons and Leucospermums fit into this brief easily, and also do insanely well as potted plants, making them versatile for apartment style living too.

David Matthews is an industry leader, having over 40 years’ experience in plant breeding, cut flower growing and as a wholesale protea grower.  Flowering in late winter to summer, they are wonderfully useful shrubs.   We chat to him to discover his passions. 

Tip: The best time to plant proteas and Leucadendrons is in autumn and winter when they easily settle in before the heat of summer... more


Derrick Povell- The Bamboo Guy

Bamboo fascinates people for a variety of reasons, but principally to block out the neighbours - there aren’t many plants out there that can provide privacy for a second storey window and yet take up so little ground space whilst being narrow to boot. It’s an incredibly versatile plant group. Around the world, people plant it to provide materials for children to build kites or gather garden stakes for the vege patch. 

Bamboo is an excellent windbreak in a commercial orchard or a narrow privacy screen for urban situations. Fresh Bamboo shoots are sought out by Asian style foodies and across the world it is grown for timber, animal fodder, food, paper pulp, erosion control, nutrient leeching, charcoal production and even panda food!  The list is extensive.

To find out more about Derrick our grower and how to look after the world fastest growing plant…more



Have you struggled to grow gardenias and keep them looking green, lush and covered in flowers?  You wouldn’t be the only one as Jo and her husband Harry discovered when they ran a small nursery in Victoria, so they made a “magic” mix and gave it away to customers in return for a donation to charity.

The “magic” is available for sale at Eden Gardens. Simply apply once in September, December and March (or more often if your plant continues to display many yellow leaves). Harrys Gardenia Food promotes strong healthy growth and copious flowering. It provides both slow and fast acting nutrients... More



Plant Growers Australia – Michael Cole

Plant breeding can turn ordinary into wonderful, difficult into reliable.  One of Australia’s largest nurseries, Plant Growers Australia, is proud of its breeding division, developing plants such as The Princess Lavender and selling the rights (license) to grow it around the world.  We chatted to part owner Michael Cole about what’s in the pipeline… 

Tip from the grower:

When buying plants you normally get what you pay for in the context that, start off with a good quality plant that looks good and healthy and the rewards should follow.  The same applies to Potting mix, once a plant is contained in a pot it is important that a good quality mix is used. Drainage is also important in most plants and can make a huge difference especially in plants like Daphnes which will take very dry conditions but will not tolerate poor drainage. more... 


Swanes Nursery - Noel

Roses are the most popular plant in the world.  Everyone knows what a rose is and you’d be hard put finding someone who doesn’t like receiving them!  Their ability to survive is astounding, with many a graveyard seen with a flourishing rose despite complete neglect.  So, if you fancy the idea of a tough as nails flowering shrub that blossoms for many months of the year, reconsider the rose. 

Swane’s Nursery has been in operation since 1919 and is well known as a premium rose grower.    Noel Deakin has been with them for 34 years.  We chatted to find out more about his driving passion…more



The Topiary Man – Phillip Pratt

 Have you ever watched the 1990s romantic fantasy film starring Johnny Depp that features a man born with scissors instead of hands, who makes topiary his solace?  Well, Philip Pratt may have to use secateurs, but his talent is no less impressive.  Whether it be Japanese box cut into spirals, clipped cones of lilly pillies or other shapes such as Junipers as cloud topiary, Phil can shape plants into amazing creations that can transform you garden into a whimsical wonderland or formal garden. Having topiary in the garden is a great way to add evergreen structure and it can be used as living architecture to create formality and definition.

Romans were known for their formal gardens and had a special slave the topiarius who maintained the ornamental topia…the fashion for clipped hedging became popular in the middle Ages and in Renaissance Italy it was a huge craze with skilled topiarists creating donkeys, bears and sailing boats... more

Tip: To keep your topiary looking good, use sharp tool and don’t rush the cutting.  Trim regularly – a little often is best.