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International Women's Day

Over a hundred years ago, when women where in full flight fighting for the vote, button hole flowers held secret messages of support to fellow suffragettes.  They wore purple for loyalty and dignity, white for purity, and green for hope.  Selfridges and Liberty sold tricolour-striped ribbon for hats, belts, rosettes and badges, as well as coloured garments, underwear, handbags, shoes, slippers and toilet soap.


Today, our new florist at Flowers by Eden has made a button hole in their honour.


Tomorrow, Eden Gardens will be holding a special morning tea with the City of Ryde to celebrate.


Button Hole for IWD

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Valentine's Day

The Proposal at Eden Gardens Valentines Day


How thrilled we are for Ramy when Monica agreed to marry after her proposal at Eden Gardens Valentine's Dinner at the Dragonfly Cafe The scene was set perfectly in the garden, with lanterns, rose abours and private dining experience all organised.  We are thrilled with the images by White Owl Photography and Camera and Co.

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Unearthed 2017 Coming Soon

Eden Gardens Montage

Finding the right spot at Eden Gardens for your installation is important.  We’re looking for works that respond specifically to this site, after all.  There are numerous nooks and crannies here in the garden, out on the main roads and even in retail that might suit you.

For a comprehensive look at all the possibilities, book at tour with the curator or ask for a application kit.  But for a sneak peak at some of the potential sites...

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Meet the Artist

Its nearly time to say goodbye…but before the installations are removed forever, come and meet the artists themselves.  If you want to know the story behind each work, what has inspired them or simply get inspired for your own 2017 application to Eden Unearthed and talk to the inaugural artists, now’s your chance before it disappears for ever…Eden Unearthed Artists

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Eden Gardens Wedding Expo

Wedding at Eden Gardens

Eden's Bridal Expo is on this Saturday 28th January.  Come and see if Eden's award winning gardens are the perfect setting for you, with purpose built facilities and customised services to bring your wedding dreams to life.

Talk to us about how we can help make your wedding wonderful with beautiful ceremony locations and venues for receptions which are all open to view on the day.

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House For A Lost Tree

Have you always dreamt of your own tree house?  This uniquely crafted pod would make the perfect child’s cubby or adults meditation nest – it’s like being inside a giant kaleidoscope.  Its handcrafted and designed by Landscape and Fine Artist Ainslie Murray and had been featured in in the inaugural Eden Unearthed 2016 exhibition.

If you’re keen to take home this treasure, its on sale for $3850

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