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Gardenias - the Finest Fragrance


Gardenias are stunning evergreen shrubs with glossy green leaves and fragrant white or cream flowers.   They flower from late spring to early summer and then spot flower throughout the warmer months of the year.   They can be grown as specimen plants, standards, mass planted or planted into hedges.


Gardenias prefer full sun to part shade positions and need to be protected from frosts. Ideal growing positions have morning sun and afternoon shade.  Regular deep watering throughout the warmer months usually about twice a week but it depends on the weather.  Prune after flowering.  Fertilise gardenias on a regular basis.  We recommend Harry’s Camellia Food and applying a seaweed solution like Seasol monthly.  Pests and Diseases that affect Gardenias include scale, which is controlled with Pest Oil or Eco Oil.


TIP The delicate flowers bruise easily when touched, so if picking for a vase take care not to touch them.


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Time for Tea

Callia japonica


Eden Gardens at Macquarie Park has rearranged things to make room for the HUGE range of Camellias now in store grown by Bill Parker.  Just about ready to flower, we have everything from Camellia sinensis, which is what tea is made of, to unusual fish tail camellias, the huge flowered Reticulata species and the good old fashioned japonicas, perfect for a shady garden. 


To find out more about Camellias, how to grow them and what's in store, ask one of our friendly staff in the garden centre or read on.  To find out about Bill Parker and his Camellia tips click here...

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Florist In Store Now

Flowers By Eden

Eden Gardens is excited to announce that our new florist is up and operating at the Macquarie Park store called Flowers By Eden.  Floral stylist Yarrah was busy creating amazing Valentine's Day creations for many customers as they sort to give a gesture of love from the garden.

The flower industry’s peak industry association is providing tips to help make lover’s Valentine’s Day flowers last longer.

Flower Association Executive Officer Shane Holborn has put together a list of simple tips to help people keep their flowers looking fresher for longer. “We are experiencing heatwave temperatures across the country at the moment so we’ve come up with a list of the top five tips to help consumers make their flowers last even longer” he said.


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Valentine's Day

Edible Flower Salad


Be inspired by the garden this Valentine's Day at Eden Gardens.

Create your own edible flower salad... What could be nicer than seeing your lovers face light up when a delicious "garden flower salad" is served fresh from your garden?  We have many edible plants here at Eden perfect to choose from...

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Chinese New Year



Happy Chinese New Year, when the tradition of sweeping out the house and cleaning up is part of the routine of making sure you start the next year as well as you can.  Traditionally houses are cleaned and old ideas and bad thoughts are swept aside to make room for all the positive energy a New Year can herald.  This year is "Year of the Roster". 

 Plants play an important part in Chinese New Year.  Anything with red or orange flowers, fruit or foliage is highly valued, being the "lucky colour"...

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Foliage Colour


When it's so hot that flowers fade, ferns frazzle and even the frogs have stopped croaking, don't think its all over for colour in the garden.  Instead, rethink your strategy and go for foliage.  Fantastically wild and colourful coleus make a stunning show, especially in the shade where their various colours can shine like garden stained glass windows.

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