Perennial Border



The Perennial Border and Rose Garden

The perennial border at Eden Gardens is approxiametely 40m long and 10m deep, intersected by two wisteria arbours and can be viewed from the aerial walkway above or from ground level, where a playful frontage of water jets and bog plants form the frontage above a stone stacked wall.  It's composed of a mixture of perennials, such as salvias, canna lilies, dahlias and red hot pokers, as well roses, all thriving under a grove of olives, and a few rare and unusual shrubs such Angels Trumpets and Violet Churcu.



The roses are a combination of David Austin's ('Lady Phelia', 'Modeo', 'Sophy's Rose', 'Jude the Obscure',  and 'William Morris'), hybrid tea roses (like 'Blue moon', 'Queen Elizabeth', 'Double Delight', 'Paradise' and 'Fragrant Cloud') as well as ground cover, spray and climbing roses such as 'Penelope', 'Sparrishoop' and 'Summers Evening'.

convolvulus and roses

roses and datura

Salvias Love the Heat

Every summer and autumn Salvias come into their own as being incredible garden performers.  They have a bit of a cult following among plant enthusiasts and with good reason as they can tolerate heat, drought and don’t mind bouts of rain and humidity.

In the gardens at Macquarie Park we have a many Salvias making their mark. In the perennial border, underneath the olive trees there are a few worth hunting out.  Look for the stunning yellow Forsythia Sage (Salvia madrensis) at the rear of the beds and Gentian Sage (Salvia patens) which has stunning mid blue blooms. Both grow to 1.5m tall and make lovely backdrops in the border for smaller plants. One of the longest flowering is the Anise scented sage (S. guarantica) which has smaller intense true blue coloured flowers.   There are two lovely purple ones as well:  Meadow Sage ‘Amethyst’ (S. neromosa), which was raised by the famous Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf, and the False Sage (Lepechinia hastata), which has marvellous grey-green leaves.  These are all perennial types, growing and flowering happily each year with nothing but an annual haircut and once a year feed. There is also the prolific flowering Bog Sage (S. uliginosa), near the water culvets, and the bright red Scralet Sage (S. splendens) growing under the wisteria arbours. 

Salvias in the Perennial Garden

Left, Gentian Sage; above middle, False Sage; above right, Mealy Sage; above, Scarlet Sage