Seasonal Garden

The Spring Garden

Springtime is always a frantic time in the garden at Eden with our bulb display out, as well as many of our blossoms trees, including ornamental pears, plums and peaches. The native garden still has many blooms out, including the croweas and wattles.  Fresh new leaves are emerging from all the deciduous trees and the rare creamy yellow flowered cliveas under the poplar trees are a delight.

Spring at Eden Gardens

The Summer Garden

The summer garden at Eden is full with flowers, fruits and colour.  Our water plants in particular look great, with water lilies flowering in the terrace.  There is also plenty of cooling alcoves created by the arbours and established trees.  Calming blue flowers dominate with hydrangeas, the unusual blue butterfly bush, bog sage abuzz with bees and also false plumbago creating a cascade into the water gardens.  The white crepe myrtles look like frothy seafoam and the bull bay and port wine magnolias fill the garden with scent, mingling with gardenias and frangipanis.

Summer at Eden Gardens

The Autumn Garden

The garden at Eden has many wonderful treasures to discover in autumn. The Natal Flame Bush for example is a rare tree worth finding near the poplar trees with its stunning orange flowers and the Brazilian Red Cloak looks spectacular near the Fiddlesticks sculpture.  In the perennial garden, salvias, canna lilies and dahlias strut their stuff, and a drift of pink windflowers meander under the olive trees.  It can also be a surprising time for bulbs, with autumn crocus flowering after rain and the stunning red Jacobean lily blooming blood red.

Autumn is also lovely for some more common garden stalwarts.  It’s the beginning of the Camellia season, the peak flowering for Purple Glory Bushes, and a time when Angels Trumpets scent the air with their perfumed bells.

And one can’t of course, forget the autumn leaves as they colour up and prepare to fall.  The maples, crepe myrtles and honey locusts look particularly beautiful.

Autumn Colour at Eden Gardens

The Winter Garden

The winter garden is often considered a quiet time in the garden.  At Eden, the native garden really starts to come into its own with wattles, grevilleas, croweas and correas all flowers profusely.  The woodland garden has some special large flowered Camellia reticulata’s flowering like ‘Dr. Clifford Parkes’, as well as some Camellia japonicas.  There are all some scented flowers in the garden now, like Sweet Olive, Viburnums, and daphne.  It’s also a great time for conifers, with our diverse collection ranging from the weeping Kashmir Cypress, to Yew trees with their winter berries, Brown pines along Lane Cove Road and even the deciduous  Swamp Cypress looking amazing as its fern-like foliage turns rusty brown. Early bulbs are flowering, and in the daffodil garden there are jonquils, earlicheers and paper whites. The kitchen garden is bursting with ripening citrus, from native finger limes to the good old backyard favourite ‘Eureka Lemon’.  And not to be missed is the Orange trumpet vine which surrounds the water reservoir and turns on an explosive flash of orange each winter.

Winter at Eden Gardens