At Eden Gardens more than 70 different shrubs are growing in the garden, giving visitors an excellent chance of looking at how they can be used in combinations with each other effectively to create exciting garden vignettes.  Shrubs form the backbone of most gardens, providing form, texture and colour from flowers and foliage.  Shrubs can grow to various sizes and the line between shrubs and trees is often blurred.  Some miniature cultivars may only grow 30cm tall, yet older plants of Sasanqua Camellias can become tree-like.  Using plants of various leaf shape, form and structure helps to creat interesting plant pictures and garden designs that look good year round, no matter what the season.  


Shrubs at Eden gardens

Many shrubs can be pruned into hedges, creating garden "walls" and rooms within each space.  Examples of this can be seen at Macquarie Park, from the observation tower, where a birds eye view shows you the structure of the garden and its internal divisions, in particular the Port Wine Magnolia (Michelia figo) which frames the Bride Lawn.

Eden Gardens Bride lawn