Trees are a garden's greatest asset.  They create shade, cooling microclimates, and are often provide flowers or fruit. At Eden Gardens there are over 70 different types of trees, making up a diverse canopy of palms, conifers, natives and deciduous plants.  Many are perfumed or have ornamental foliage, making each season special.



Conifers, or plants that bear cones are some of the most ancient plants living today.  Eden gardens have some beautiful conifers growing in the garden.  There is the stunning Kashmir cypress (Cupressus cashmeriana),below left, that has weeping silvery blue foliage and grows quickly to 5m in 10 years, screening any bad views elegantly.  Then, near the creek, there is the lovely swamp cypress  (ITaxodium distichum), middle, which is an unusual deciduous conifer that has fern like foliage that turns russet in autumn before falling, and will tolerate wet conditions.

Another deciduous conifer worth remembering is the Maidenhair tree (Ginkgo), which is used medicinally to help cognitive function and stop you forgetting things!  In the garden, its maiden hair shaped foliage turns buttercup yellow in autumn and it holds this for many weeks before dropping its leaves among the last of deciduous trees.  It is very pollution tolerant and makes a great street tree of lawn specimen.  there are also Australian Native Conifers, such as the rare Wollemi Pine (Wollemia nobilis) and the Brown Pine (Podocarpus elatus).


Conifers at Eden Gardens


Native Trees

The grounds at Macquarie Park adjoin Lane Cove National Park and care was taken to protect many of the indigenous trees, such as the iconic Scribbly Gums (Eucalyptus haemostoma) and add to them with some flowering grafted gums such as 'Summertime Red' and 'Summertime Pink', as well as other banksias, wattles and grevilleas.There are also some fruiting natives, such as macadamia, native finger limes and lilly pillies, which add to the edible collection of plants.  Many palms here, such as the Bangalow, Alexander, cabbage and Kentia Palm, as also native to various parts of Australia.


Eucalyptus Summertime Pink

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous trees have the advantage of allowing winter sun to pass through the canopy, lighting the ground below.  Many deciduous trees also have colourful flowers, spring blossoms or stunning foliage displays in autumn.  The gardens here at Macquarie Park are home to a collection of spring flwoering blossom trees including pears, peaches, plums and crabapples, as well as summer classics like jacarandas, crepe myrtles and fragrant frangipanis.  In autumn, maples, oaks, robinias and gleditsias turn fiery reds, oranges and golds.

Decidous Trees at Eden Gardens