Customer Service

Our people make the difference

At Eden Gardens, we are committed to knowing our customers and meeting their lifestyle needs. We aim to provide each customer with a personalised, seamless experience that makes it easier for them to manage their lives.

Here at Eden Gardens we truely believe that it is our people in stores which make a difference.

That is why we have implemented our 3 step customer service program to ensure you get the best possible expericence at Eden Gardens

1) Product Training - Weekly we work closely with our suppliers to provide our staff the most up to date product knowledge available, to ensure you get the right solution for your problem. 

2) Customer feedback - We are firm believers in constructive feedback, it allows us the opportunity to improve and gauge your in-store experience, to give you an even better experience next time you are in.

3) Customer Engagement - This is the key to a quality customer experience and allows us the opportuity to go above and beyond your expectations. By listening to what our customers want and need, and asking questions about their problems, we are in a better position to provide you with the best solution possible.